Nelligala International Buddhist Center

by Dulanjaya mahagamage
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Nelligala Sri Lanka

The Nelligala International Buddhist Center located in a beautiful hill called the Nelligala in Kandy district is revered by the locals and foreigners. As a Buddhist religious center and a local cultural institution, the Nelligala International Buddhist Center today operates with a special religious and social mission.

In fact, the Nelligala sacred site does not have a great history. But when you go to the Nelligala International Buddhist Center, it feels like a great history has been hidden. However, Nelligala has built its history and has all the essential elements of a Buddhist place of worship. Among them is the Stupa. The Stupa, which is made of bubbling form, is about 70 feet in height. The next is that this Stupa was created in just three months. If you go to Nelligala today you will find statues of Lord Buddha and a relic shrine. It is worth mentioning the Nelligala Bodhi as well as the statues of the statues that were created there. The Bodhi is planted in a golden bowl. Also, the statues of the Buddha are of the same gold color. Most of the features of the Nelligala shine in that gold color. That was wonderful.

Nelligala was previously a jungle mountain. It takes about six years to transform this land that was once such a jungle mountain into a massive Buddhist temple. With the determination, dedication, and efforts of many people, Nelligala becomes a land of heritage. Nelligala is about seven hundred meters above sea level. Similarly, Kandy, which is considered a sacred city in Sri Lanka, is only 11 kilometers from Nelligala. And it’s only 07 kilometers to the Peradeniya. The location of Nelligala is also a beautiful sight. Nelligala is at the top of a mountain. But you can get there by car or any vehicle. It doesn’t matter. Looking up through the windy waves, you can see the mountains all around. Hanthana on one side. Hunnasgiriya on the other hand. Also, there are mountain ranges such as Alagalla, Batalegala, Ambuluwawa, Attipala, Samsara Kanda, Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak), and Piduruthalagala.

Many have seen the sun rising only from the Sripada (Adam’s Peak). But if you come in the morning, you can watch the sun rising at Nelligala too. It’s a beautiful experience. Also, the beautiful view of the sun and the moon can be seen at Nelligala. So if you are going to Nelligala, remember to go in the morning or in the evening. Because the sun shines, the sun rises, adding to the life of the marvelous experience.


Nelligala is more famous today than in the country without any big history. There are many reasons, not just one or two. One is Nelligala, which is located on the top of an attractive hill. That is why the place is so rich with cold winds. So people like it. The second is the uniqueness of the sacred site. We can’t understand the fabulousness of the golden shining in the temple. And also there are things like nature’s beauty and biodiversity for attracting to Nelligala International Buddhist Center.


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