Narangala Mountain ‘The Golden Peak’

by Lalantha Wijerathne
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Narangala is the 2nd highest mountain in the Uva Province and the 38th highest mountain in Sri Lanka. The mountain is about 1,376 m high and is a completely plain forest and It’s second only to the Namunukula Mountain Range. The name ‘Narangala’ is so called because of its golden color which is visible on the top of Narangala Mountain. Also known as the Golden Peak. 


The Narangala Mountain consists of two parts (Upper part and lower part). When you reach the top of Mount Narangala, you will see the most beautiful sight ever seen in your life. If you can get there early in the morning, you can see the wonderful sunrise with Nayabedda Madolsima area, Poonagala area on one side and the plateau of Idalgashinna and Haputale, Namunukula Range, Horton plains and Randenigala Reserve on the other side.


If you are coming from Colombo, then you have to come to Badulla town and then take a bus to Keenekele or take a ride to Kandegedera.  From the Keenakale bus stop, you have to cross the mountain. There are some footpaths and steps you can use to get to the top of the hill, and you will also find safe iron fences at some dangerous places.


Recently popular among tourists, this Narangala has been selected by many tourists who coming to the Uva Province. Spending a night on the top of this mountain is a beautiful experience and it cannot be compared to any other place in the world. Spending a night here, you will feel that you are above the clouds and you will be able to see the clouds moving in front of you in the morning.


If you want to venture out into the beautiful world with some difficult mountain hikes, Narangala is a good choice. 

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