Best Beaches In Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches. It is not a lie to say that most foreign tourists are flocking to Sri Lanka to enjoy the warmth of sunbathing on a beautiful beach covered with golden sand. The Southern coast is beautiful from October to March, while the Eastern coast is beautiful from March to October.


Here is a list of some of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.


Beruwala & Bentota (Cinnamon Beach)


Beruwala & Bentota (Cinnamon Beach)

Beruwala & Bentota (Cinnamon Beach)


Beruwala and Bentota beach, which forms the southwest of Sri Lanka, is located 64 kilometers south of Colombo. The Cinnamon Beach of  Beruwala and  Bentota, which shines like a sapphire, are known to be the dream of many local and foreign weddings. The narrow river estuary at the northern end of the Beruwala and Bentota coast is to show the beauty of the Paradise which is filled with many Islands. Beruwala and Bentota beach, ideal for diving and water sports is the best time to visit from late August to mid-October. Beruwala and Bentota beach with a local airport and world’s leading hotel facilities, has won the attraction of tourists among globe. Windsurfing, Jet Skiing, Wakeboarding and Boat Trips, deep sea fishing trips are also available at Beruwala and Bentota beach.


Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) operates a Holiday Bungalow that can accommodate up to six people at a time.



Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa is a beautiful place located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It belongs to the Southern Province and is situated close to Galle on the Colombo to Galle Road, about 20 km northwest of Galle. Hikkaduwa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, with its waterfront skiing, diving and sunset.


Hikkaduwa Divisional Secretariat which runs from Ambalangoda to Galle has a coastline of about 24 km. What makes this beach screen unique is its 251-acre Hikkaduwa National Park that spread across the seas. It is a frequent tourist attraction as it lies on the seafloor near the coast. Hikkaduwa National Park is the first marine national park in Sri Lanka with 102 hectares. It became a Sanctuary on May 18, 1979 with the release of the Marine species known as ‘Buhu Bawa’ or the creator of corals which was done under the care of the Department of Wildlife Conservation. Close to the beach and in the shallow sea one can see a large number of fringing reef.



Unawatuna Beach



It is no exaggeration to mention that Unawatuna is one of Sri Lanka’s most spectacular beaches, 140 km south of Colombo city. It is shaped like a crescent moon that spans about a kilometer. Unawatuna is a rare geographical location with two main viewpoints on either side of the coast. The northwestern point of view is even more spectacular because of the white Stupa that located on it. The best time to visit the Unawatuna beach is between August and September, which provides a great opportunity to watch the turtles coming to the beach to lay eggs. Also, Unawatuna Beach, which has been created with a natural swimming pool, protected by a double rock, Ideal place for swimming and diving safely.




The name Mirissa is famous among world for whale watching. Located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is said to be a great place to enjoy a spectacular sunset. Not only do you see whale watching, but the Dolphins and Turtles are also great for watching and diving. The period from August to October is ideal for enjoying the beauty of the coast, and to see turtles, you must visit between December and March.




Tangalle Beach Sri Lanka


Tangalle Beach is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It belongs to the Hambantota district. Due to its proximity to the Matara district, the climate is mild compared to the rest of the other regional areas in the district. As a tourist hub and a fishing port, Tangalle is regionally important. The ancient Dutch Fort, located off the coast, is now used as a prison. Tangalle is also an important place of entry to the ancient Buddhist temple of Mulkirigala. Tangalle Beach is a beautiful beach with sunset views. As the sun sets over the horizon as a colourful beacon, can be seen the beautiful sky with a multitude of colors from the coast of ​​Tangalle.


Pasikuda and Kalkudah Beach


Pasikudah and Kalkudah Beach is an elegant beach that situated in Batticaloa in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. The beach is also an ideal spot for foreigners to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Pasikuda in Batticaloa can be described as the best beach that you can swim in the sea and enjoy the peace of mind. You can walk about a kilometer in the sea without any danger. This can be a wonderful thing. But it is true. This is a marvel of nature. This amazing opportunity can only be reached by visiting the Pasikuda beach in Batticaloa. Pasikuda and Kalkudah are two nearby bays. The coral reef and the sea turtles can be seen here. It is a strong coral reef about a kilometer from the sea facing the Pasikudah Bay. Due to this coral reef, large waves coming from the deep seas do not reach the beach. This makes it easy for tourists to enjoy the sea. This strong coral reef is located at an unseen distance from the Pasikuda beach. Needless to say, the Pasikuda beach is a wonderful place for tourists. Although it can be a bit difficult to stay here in the morning and afternoon, you can undoubtedly find this place ideal for watching the sun set and relaxing in the evening.


Nilaveli & Uppuveli


Nilaveli Beach Sri Lanka


The Nilaveli beach, which was forbidden from tourists during the civil war, has been re-opened for tourists, both local and foreign. Situated about 10 km north of Trincomalee town, its scenic beauty is most pronounced during the period from May to September. The coral reef spreading the beautiful Nilaveli beach, starting from a small village called Uppuveli and extending to the jungles of Kuchchaveli. To the east of the Nilaveli coast, Pigeon Island is considered as one of the finest shallow diving places in Sri Lanka. Nilaveli beach is a well-preserved live reef which is ideal for water sports as well as for the collection of colorful tropical fish. 


Pigeon Island


Pigeon Island Sri Lanka


There are two National Marine Parks in Sri Lanka and the Pigeon Island National Park is one of the two National Marine Parks. It is located about a kilometer from the Nilaveli beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Eastern Province, just north of Trincomalee. The Pigeon Island Marine Sanctuary covers 471.4 hectares, of which nine hectares are covered with land and the remainder consists of coral flats, the boundary line of the sea water park. There is a coral reef surrounded by small islands and rocky reefs near the tiny pigeon island, where more than 300 species of fish live. Colorful coral reefs, each size of sea creatures which swim in the colorful clear water, create spectacular views. Also, this coastal region can be described as a divine world for researchers and divers of sea creatures and coral reefs, as well as those interested in scuba, surfing and snorkeling. Island Parks is one of the most beautiful and rich sea ecosystems in the world.




Kalpitiya Beach


The beautiful Kalpitiya beach is not yet familiar to many. The scenic beach is about 150 km from Colombo. In this Kalpitiya Peninsula, local and foreign tourists can reach Sri Lanka’s largest coral reef, dolphins, whales and also 16 islands. The biodiversity in this area is very high. Fifteen of the 24 mangroves in Sri Lanka are found in this area. Kalpitiya Coral Reef which is spread over an area of ​​306 Km consists of 122 coral species. In 1992, the coastal reef was declared a marine sanctuary by the Coast Conservation Department. This is the largest coral reef in Sri Lanka and is home to over 150 rare species of coral and 400 species of sea fish. The coastal waters are also home to spinner, bottlenose and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and the elusive dugong. Also the Kalpitiya Beach is considered as one of the 10 best whale watching beaches in the world.


Jungle Beach



Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna are two beautiful beaches that located in Galle. Apart from these two beaches, there is another beautiful beach in Galle. It is the smallest and one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. This wonderful beach is located in Rumassala. Its named as Jungle Beach because it’s located in a little jungle inn Rumassala coast. Rumassala is one of the most beautiful forests in the Galle area. There are many medicinal plants that endemic to Sri Lanka. Jungle Beach is a popular picnic spot, with its blue and clean water, a shallow and unobtrusive beach such as a swimming pool. Road to Jungle Beach is very enjoyable. When you reach the top of the mountain you can see the Galle town. On this journey we can reach a very interesting place – the Japanese Peace Stupa of Ramassala.


Arugam Bay Beach


Arugam Bay Beach


Arugam Bay is the best beach for Surfing in Sri Lanka at present. Between March and October, it is best located for travel. It’s located in 314 km from Colombo city, 3 km south of Pottuvil town in the Ampara District on the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka. Arugam Bay is also rated as one of the top ten surf destinations in the world. It has also hosted most of the international surfing competitions in Sri Lanka since 2004. And It is also worth noting that Arugam Bay Beach, located on the edge of the Lahugala Elephant Crossing, is an ideal place to observe wildlife and migratory birds.


There are many places to visit in Sri Lanka with a lot of different geological features. Scenic Beaches of Sri Lanka are tourist attraction that attracts many. At present, Sri Lanka’s beaches have been listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by considering it’s rich biodiversity and level of enjoyability. So there is no point you to delay. Take a tour!.

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