Bathalegala “Bible Rock” Sri Lanka

by Dulanjaya mahagamage
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Sri Lankans and as well as tourists always cherish not only the beautiful Batalegala but also the beautiful scenery in Kadugannawa. Because we have never seen such a series of scenes in Sri Lanka. In most of the high mountains, there are Spy Rocks like Kadugannawa, Badulu – Bandarawela, Nuwara Eliya, Beragala, Lipton Seat, places like Dumbara Attalamette and Bataduwa Kapolla are some of the most talked about. That is because this region, with its wide and deep panoramic view of the mountains, inspires us with a strange scenery. I have always thought that the main object from all of these attractions was probably the shape and location of the beautiful hill called Bathalegala. 

This magnificent rock is reminiscent of the Sigiriya rock. From Kadugannawa, we can see the spectacular sight of it. Standing as a giant amongst the other mountain ranges, this hill monarch is said to be proud of Senkadagala

How to Get There

From the Mawanella town, you can take a bus to Debathgama and get to the Bathalegala Temple. From there, you can walk 3.5 km to the top of the mountain.

As we entered the forest, we gradually ascended. The rainy conditions of the small rocky steps and the forest on both sides made it very wet and the winds were too cold. In the path, we met small deck full of manmade rock tops and trees that stands alone in the bush. From here path divides into two steps. One falls towards the Bathalegala Temple monastery and the other falls towards the end of the rock. 

If you go to the monastery you can visit the two chapels below the monastery. But you have to remember that you should not behave like an obstacle to the monks who are practicing meditations in these monasteries.

On the other side of the footpath is the most spectacular part of the rock. The footsteps that fall from the bushes, the footsteps of the footsteps feel the humidity of the heart with the cool breeze.

As we walk along the footpath, with our hands out in the air, we can enjoy the beautiful, relaxed freedom that life is hard to come by. Only the green mountains and beautiful white skies and the blue sky are visible.

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